A big challenge for sales teams is maintaining quality relationships with their business partners. It is crucial to business success. 

Immidi supports the role of the account manager, helping brands increase the number of personal interactions. They keep end clients engaged and the relationship warm through a mix of conversational and push techniques.

"All your clients should be VIP clients. We help you build quality relationships.."

The product is an app that provides a two-way communication stream between the brand and the client. The news feed sends notifications to the clients about updates, deals, events and newly launched products. The client can always reach out to the specific department that is responsible for a certain update. Think of it as an inspirational feed, like Twitter and Facebook and a personal link to the account manager like WhatsApp. It is a branded communication app but in business context. In the future immidi wants to make the branded apps ‘the’ gateway to all other services provided by the brand.

What immidi is trying to do is to make it a lot easier for account managers to do their job but not to replace human interaction. Some people call immidi a sales representative in your pocket!

Bartol Karuza
Thierick van Ommeren
Business Developer
Sophie Kinnane
UI / UX Designer


Get to know more about immidi. Find them here: founders@immidi.com or