Startup Feli has developed an a technology platform for the future of e-commerce. Their idea is based on a simple frustration: if you don't know exactly what you want to buy, it's very difficult to buy something online

"We aim to take e-commerce to the next level with a scalable technology that fundamentally improves the way browsing consumers shop and convert" 

Feli aims to improve the online shopping experience through context-based design and smart backend technology. Their goal is to bring the personal touch we know from offline shopping to the online world. Remember the friendly shop owner who used to greet you with a simple question: "Can I help you?" That's what Feli brings to the table. Plus, offering a helping hand doesn't just add value for the user: it allows retailers to increase conversion levels. 



Marja Silvertant 
CEO/Chief Confetti Officer
Ion Aalbers 
 Rienk Prinsen 
Backend Boss & Giftelligence


Get to know more about Feli. Find them here: founders@feli.gift or