Discovering the perfect event at any given moment in time is hard. Most people have no automatic go-to when starting their search. The result is that finding things to do is an inefficient process with often disappointing results. For publishers of event discovery apps and websites it means that retention is low and their customer acquisition cost is high.
SchedJoules makes local event discovery extremely easy. They bring event discovery to the apps that users already love, trust and use every single day, like calendar apps, maps and messengers. Imagine you do a long-press on a specific time in your calendar app and instantly get access to local things to do including the option to buy tickets. Imagine driving in your car and asking your car system for a nice event to stop, to give your children a needed break. Imagine getting recommendations within your messenger when you are looking for an event with your friends or colleagues. 
SchedJoules combines global and local event sources into a single Event Discovery API which can be integrated by any app or website.

"Event Discovery Uncovered"



Rutger Geelen
Co-founder and CEO
Wilfred Stegeman
Co-founder & CCO
Marten Gajda


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