People are buying more and more online. A lamp on Marktplaats, chairs from a furniture webshopand an Ipad from an auction site. But a lot of these items can't be send as a post package and/or a courier is too expensive. So you either cancel the sale OR spend time and energy travelling across the country to pick them up!
Menawhile there are 8 milion empty car trunks on the road. Couldn't have someone taken it for you?

"DELIVERING, Anything, Anytime."

Have you ever tried delivering something that doesn’t fit in a box? It is very challenging, not to mention expensive. That is one of the reasons we see so many big trucks on the roads every day. At the same time, many of these trucks are running half empty. What would happen if we could use the empty space in the trucks and cars to deliver goods of different sizes?

Arjen van der Zee
Jelmer van der Zee
Rolf Schellenberger
Guido David

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