Business owners and Startups alike struggle with finding the right customers. They spend hours on prospecting and cold calling. It’s not only time consuming but it's frustrating as well.

Salestack believe that sales should be fun for everyone. More efficiency for the sales loving sales rep, more comfort and enjoyment for sales anxious business owners. Salestack is a team with a strong background in sales, marketing, tech and design. With this stack of talents they are ready to help other small business owners and startups to (re)discover the fun part of sales.

"Making sales fun, for everyone"


Salestack uses a mix of machine learning and human intelligence to connect you to your ideal customers.

If you are one of the Salestack clients, they ask you to describe your ideal customer. Then, they transform your description into data points that help find the best possible leads for your product. They make the first introduction through an automated email and provide you with engagement tools to warm up those leads. And that is it – you are ready to jump on the fun part of sales!

Salestack wants to make sales enjoyable for everyone and get rid of cold calling forever.

Jeroen Ponsioen
Ruben Alberda
Jurjen Rammeloo
Product Owner
Dennis de Koning
Customer engagement
Sebastian Huskins


Get to know more about Salestack. Find them here: founders@salestack.io or