According to the EY Contingent Workforce Study, by 2020, 40-50% of US workers could be working in some form of temporary employment. The world of labor is transforming, where flexibility is the new normal. Workers want to work whenever, wherever, and for whomever they want. And smart, growing companies use temporary workers to reduce costs and increase agility.


Managing a flexible workforce is incredibly challenging. Strategically, you look to reduce fixed labor costs, while maintaining worker quality and engagement. Operationally, you deal with recruitment, selection, planning, scheduling, payroll and communication. And for these challenging tasks, you are likely to use a multitude of disconnected systems. Systems that are built for traditional static employment, and totally lack an intuitive mobile user experience.


"The world of labor is transforming. Flexibility is the new normal. clevergig provides a next-generation platform to optimize and mobilize company’s growing flexible workforces."

Meet clevergig. A single platform that houses all the services you need to easily manage your temporary workforce. You first onboard your workforce onto our platform, while workers create their profile in the clevergig app. You have effectively created your own community. From there, a range of services are at your disposal.


Michel Pilet
Elvire Jaspers
Andrii Tsymbal
Lead developer 
Mario Grunitz


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