Below you find poster presentations of the research of our first-year PhD students. Feel free to contact them to discuss their study in more detail.

Nuclear materials


Development of Reduced Activation Ferritic Martensitic Steels for fusion applications

SCK CEN mentor: Dmitry Terentyev
Promoter: Roumen Petrov, UGent

Chih-Cheng Chang

Assessment of mechanical properties of fusion materials by micro-mechanical testing

SCK CEN mentor: Dmitry Terentyev
Promoter: Thomas Pardoen, UCL

Noelia Fuentes Solis

Effect of liquid metal environment on nucleation and propagation of fatigue cracks

SCK CEN mentor: Serguei Gavrilov
Promoter: Marc Seefeldt, KU Leuven


Preparation of Am containing transmutation targets

SCK CEN mentor: Gregory Leinders
Promoter: Jozef Vleugels, KU Leuven



Dominic Maertens

Study of reaction kinetics in continuous partitioning processes for actinide separations

SCK CEN mentor: Thomas Cardinaels
Promoter: Koen Binnemans, KU Leuven
Sol-gel chemistry to control morphology and porosity of actinide oxide feeds for electroreduction SCK CEN mentor: Bart Geboes
Promoter: Tom Breugelmans, UAntwerpen


Nuclear technology

Gregori Giacomo Electrochemical measurement and characterization of corrosion products in lead-bismuth eutectic SCK CEN mentor: Jun Lim
Promoter: Thomas Doneux, ULB
High intensity ISOL ion source for long-term irradiations SCK CEN mentor: Kim Rijpstra
Promoter: Thomas Cocolios, KU Leuven


Nuclear safeguards

Moad Al-dbissi

A novel approach to partial defect testing of spent nuclear fuel for safeguards applications

SCK CEN mentor: Alessandro Borella
Promoter: Imre Pazsit,
Chalmers University of Technology


Waste & disposal

Javier Giménez
Microbial community structure and dynamics during radioactive waste disposal SCK CEN mentor: Kristel Mijnendonckx
Promoter: Eveline Peeters, VUB
Thi Nhan Nguyen Physico-chemical evolution of geopolymers in contact with aggressive environment  SCK CEN mentor: Tri Quoc Phung
Promoter: Yiannis Pontikes, KU Leuven
Xiang Li Corrosion study of the BR1 fuel in highly alkaline conditions SCK CEN mentor: Sébastien Caes
Promoter: Thomas Pardoen, UCL


Radiation protection

Jessica Ribeiro Radiation effects on human brain development, modeled in human brain organoids SCK CEN mentor: Roel Quintens
Promoter: Jay Gopalakrishnan, UDüsseldorf
URINIS Project - Urine valorisation in Space SCK CEN mentor: Felice Mastroleo
Promoter: Ramon Ganigue, UGent