B. Amsterdam Building Business

Startupbootcamp HQ - 3rd floor
Johan Huizingalaan 763A in Amsterdam

Visitor parking is free for the first 2 hours. After that, the rate is €2,- per hour, with a maximum of €12,- per day. Payment is only possible when exiting, at pay pole (PIN only).

How to get to there?
- Line 2 Central Station - Louwesweg, stop at Slotervaartziekenhuis

- Get to the station Amsterdam Lelylaan; then continue with bus 64 in the direction of Amstelveen stopping at Louwesweg/Johan Huizingalaan

- Line 50 Gein/Isolatorweg, stop at Henk Sneevlietweg

- Line 18 Centraal station to Louwesweg, stop at Louwesweg / Johan Huizingalaan
- Line 19 Station Sloterdijk to Slotervaart, stop at Slotervaart ziekenhuis
- Line 23 Station Zuid to Osdorp, stop at Louwesweg / Johan Huizingalaan
- Line 64 Station Sloterdijk to Station Lelylaan, stop at Louwesweg / Johan Huizingalaan