Startupbootcamp Fintech & Cybersecurity Amsterdam aims to be

the first publicly listed accelerator in the world!


We are facilitating information sessions to share more details about the investment opportunity with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam’s next FinTech & Cybersecurity accelerator program (SBC Fintech Amsterdam 1921 B.V.).
We have been live with our listing since October 23 and from then until November 19, investors can sign up via Nxchange, to invest in this program. An amount of a little over 2.3 million euros will be raised during this period. Each ticket costs 37,500 euros and holds 1000 depository receipts. 

We’re thrilled to be embarking on this initiative with our long-time partner Rabobank, and award-winning stock exchange platform, Nxchange.
With this public offering, we will open the possibility for a broader audience of investors to gain access to our growing innovation ecosystem and help our startups create new funding options. 

We would like to invite you to join us at one of our upcoming Roadshow sessions, where you will receive more in-depth details on how you can participate as an investor, and what this opportunity means for you.
At these private sessions, you will be able to ask us and our partners from Rabobank and Nxchange any questions you may have pertaining to this topic.

Please register for your preferred date by clicking on the links below.


If you’d like to find out more, or directly invest, check out our Nxchange page here, or contact

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