M2149 Radial Turret Lathe Machines

We would like to invite you to our M2149 Radial Turret Lathe Machines Training. This training is limited to 2 participants per dealer with a maximum of 5 participants (due to Covid 19 rules) per training course.  Should you register more than 2 engieers we will be obligated to delete their registration whereby they will receive an automatic generated cancellation email. Futhermore each person attending the training must bring a face mask and wear it during the training.

For more Information about Corona measures klick on the Tab "Corona Information"

Start Date & Time

6 December 2021 at 09:00

End Date & Time

8 December 2021 at 15:00

We will cover the following contents in the training

•   Rebuild Turret after Collision

•   Rebuild of Positioning Pins

•   M-Axis Centre alignment

•   Assembly of M-Holder

Level Required

Basic Knowledge

Your trainer(s) will be Mr. Gert Löffler & Mr. Thomas Holzki

Required Items
You need to bring the following items to the training

•    Face Mask Protection
•    Safety Shoes and Safety Clothing
•    Laptop/Notebook

Please report to our main building reception on the first day of the training