Nuclear materials

Courilleau Camille Fundamental understanding of the sensitivity of radiation hardening to nickel content and temperature in RPV materials  SCK CEN mentor: Rachid Chaouadi
Promoter: Philippe Pareige, URouen
Uygur Selim Phase stability and oxidation behavior of high Pu content fast reactor MOX fuel SCK CEN mentor: Rachid Chaouadi
Promoter: Philippe Pareige, URouen
Penders Aäron Microstructural investigation of irradiation assisted stress corrosion cracking mechanism based on focused ion beam analysis of tested and industrial specimens SCK CEN mentor: Milan Konstantinovic
Promoter: Nick Schryvers, UAntwerpen
Khvan Tymofii Nano-indentation for sub-miniaturized testing of irradiated materials: FEM analysis and experiments SCK CEN mentor: Dmitry Terentyev
Promoter: Ludovic Noels, ULiège
Li Meng Experimental and numerical investigations on the miniaturization for fracture toughness characterization of RPV materials SCK CEN mentor: Inge Uytdenhouwen
Promoter: Thomas Pardoen, UCL
Zakirov Aidar Effect of Cu, P, Ni and Mn content, individually and synergistically, on the microstructure of irradiated chemically-tailored RPV steels SCK CEN mentor: Erich Stergar
Promoter: Philippe Pareige, URouen



Arman Meryem Oxidation of terbium(III) as a first step towards high purity 161Tb for medical applications SCK CEN mentor: Bart Geboes
Promoter: Koen Binnemans, KU Leuven
Zhu Hongshan Inorganic sorption materials tailored for 225Ra/225Ac and 225Ac/213Bi radionuclide generators for biomedical applications SCK CEN mentor: Stephan Heinitz
Promoter: Koen Binnemans, KU Leuven
Ahenkorah Stephen Development of  225Ac- and 213Bi-labelled somatostatin analogues with improved tumour to kidney ratio for the treatment of neuroendocrine tumours SCK CEN mentor: Maarten Ooms
Promoter: Guy Bormans, KU Leuven
Cassells Irwin Development of 161Tb-labelled nanobodies for the treatment of colorectal cancer SCK CEN mentor: Maarten Ooms
Promoter: Guy Bormans, KU Leuven


Nuclear technology

Corazza Christophe Aerosol formation, transport and deposition in lead based fast reactors SCK CEN mentor: Kris Rosseel
Promoter: Rosaria Maria Vetrano,
KU Leuven
Lescur Amke The influence of heavy liquid metal environment on mechanical and corrosion properties of austenitic stainless steel welds SCK CEN mentor: Jun Lim
Promoter: Roumen Petrov, UGent
Leenders Benji Improving the extraction of radioactive isotopes from MYRRHA linac targets by molecular sidebands SCK CEN mentor: Donald Houngbo
Promoter: Stefaan Cottenier, UGent


Waste & disposal

Larion Ygee Reduced Order Modelling Techniques for Coupled Geomechanics Problems SCK CEN mentor: Suresh Seetharam
Promoter: Thierry Massart, ULB
Casillas Jesus Joint inversion of physical and chemical state variable data within a multi-model subsurface hydrology framework  SCK CEN mentor: Bart Rogiers
Promoter: Kristine Walraevens, UGent
Awarkeh May Investigation of the long-term behavior of Boom Clay

SCK CEN mentor: Arnaud Dizier
Promoter: Yuyun Cui,
Ecole des ponts ParisTech



Medical applications

Sallam Magy Cardiovascular dysfunction after cancer radiation therapy: search for biomarkers and study of the underlying physiological mechanisms

SCK CEN mentor: An Aerts
Promoter: Pieter-Jan Guns, UAntwerpen

Wouters Shari Harnessing a therapeutic microbiome as an alleviating strategy for dysbiosis and recurrence in colorectal cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy SCK CEN mentor: Ahmed Mohamed Mysara
Promoter: Samir Kumar-Singh, UAntwerpen
Kayal Gunjan Clinical dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy SCK CEN mentor: Lara Struelens
Promoter: Manuel Bardies, UToulouse
Castillo Dayana Dosimetry aspects of recoiling daughter nuclides of 225Ac in Targeted Alpha Therapy SCK CEN mentor: Marijke De Saint-Hubert
Promoter: Michel Koole, KU Leuven
Nabha Racell Assessment of relative biological effectiveness of clinical and secondary irradiation in proton therapy by microdosimetric measurements and simulations SCK CEN mentor: Olivier Van Hoey
Promoter: Edmond Sterpin, KU Leuven
Heynickx Nathalie Study of the radiobiological basis of therapeutic and toxic responses of prostate cancer radiation therapy

SCK CEN mentor: An Aerts
Promoter: Sarah Baatout

Geenen Lorain Study of the radiobiological basis of the therapeutic and cytotoxic responses of targeted radionuclide therapy using 177Lu-DOTATATE and 225Ac-DOTATATE SCK CEN mentor: An Aerts
Promoter: Marion De Jong,
Erasmus University Amsterdam


Social sciences & humanities

Brookhuis Hein New Big Science in Belgium. Transformation and Adaptation of SCK CEN 1991-2022. SCK CEN mentor: Michèle Coeck
Promoter: Geerts Vanpaemel,
KU Leuven
Hoti Ferdiana Communication of uncertainties related to radiological risk situations SCK CEN mentor: Tanja Perko
Promoter: Peter Thijssen, UAntwerpen


Radiation protection

Laanen Paulus Do plants adapt to chronic low-dose gamma exposure? A mechanistic study comparing plants exposed under field and lab conditions on (epi) genetic, biochemical and population level. SCK CEN mentor: Nele Horemans
Promoter: Ann Cuypers, UHasselt
Mertens Amber Unravelling uranium uptake mechanisms in Arabidopsis thaliana SCK CEN mentor: Eline Saenen
Promoter: Ann Cuypers, UHasselt
Abrams Floris Combining Machine Learning and Operations Research methods for Optimizing Remediation Efforts in Response to Large-Scale Nuclear Emergencies Affecting Food and Agriculture SCK CEN mentor: Lieve Sweeck
Promoter: Jos Van Orshoven,
KU Leuven
Van Dyck Isabelle Application of Lemna minor in site remediation strategies SCK CEN mentor: Nathalie Vanhoudt
Promoter: Jaco Vangronsveld, UHasselt
Geelen Stef Improving radiological monitoring using drones SCK CEN mentor: Johan Camps
Promoter: Wouter Schroeyers, UHasselt
Llopart Inés Development of novel assays for ‘difficult-to-measure’ radionuclides in materials produced during nuclear decommissioning activities SCK CEN mentor: Mirela Vasile
Promoter: Martine Leermakers, VUB
Radstake Eline Unraveling non-cancer effects of spaceflight: how are the brain and skin affected in astronauts?  SCK CEN mentor: Mieke Verslegers
Promoter: Sarah Baatout, UGent