FinTech & CyberSecurity Startups


BITA (Germany): BITA is the leading pre-trade solutions provider in the digital asset space.  

Cobertoo (Spain): Cobertoo is a P2P insurance that covers the most valuable item for the millennial segment: the Smartphone.

Cybercentric (U.S.A): CyberCentric is helping organizations to have a good knowledge of their data using an AI-powered data classification system.

Emcee (U.S.A): Emcee is an investing platform to mirror investments of peers and donate to charity. 

FortifyData (U.S.A): FortifyData is an accurate cyber risk analysis platform for identifying and monitoring business cyber risk exposure.

KeepWarranty (Portugal): Keep Warranty is a free mobile app that saves and organizes warranties and purchases slips using OCR technology in a hassle-free manner

Lifas (Netherlands): Lifas is a an online platform where people can quickly check and handle what needs sorting out for different life events.

OnionFive (Korea): Onionfive is leading the innovation in communication with A.I technology, data analysis, and cutting-edge UI/UX.

RefundMe (Spain): RefundMe is a platform that digitizes the VATrefund process not just for tourists but also retailers, airports, and governments.

Robolab (Italy): RoboLab is the app store and SDK for financial robots powered by Artificial Intelligence

Soisy (Italy): Soisy is an Italian Payment Institution offering installment payments at point-of-sale (POS), financed via marketplace lending

Swascan (Italy): Swascan is the first Cloud Cyber Security & GDPR Platform.