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Panel Discussions

Join the inspirational dialogue with early adopters from the leaders of high tech industry

Topic: Technology Connects - People First

We are in the midst of a major technology revolution - specifically a digital revolution - with digital now dominating every sector of the economy. And we are seeing an important new shift as the technology revolution begins to put people first. To put it simply, as businesses become digital, their people and cultures must become digital, too.

The theme of the discussion looks at the competitive advantage that awaits companies that move beyond digital culture shock to create a thriving digital culture. And we look at the early adopters who are leading the way. High performers of the future won’t merely consume more technology. They will enable their people to accomplish more with technology. They will create new corporate cultures that use technology to enable people to constantly adapt and learn, create new solutions, drive change and disrupt the status quo.

Topic: Startups in a Digital Economy

With digital pervading everything, it’s bringing with it ubiquitous and unprecedented amounts of change. There are new technologies and solutions, more data than ever before, legacy and new systems to tie together, an upsurge in collaboration (inside and outside the enterprise), new alliances, new startups…new everything. Meanwhile, out in the marketplace, digital customers are also maturing. Their dramatically transformed expectations of service, speed and personalization are just the start.

Walk through the doors of any tech startup, and you expect to find work being done differently. After all, these companies are renowned for their innovative culture, agility, and passion for reinvention. What most people don’t expect is to see these same traits in traditional companies.

This panel discussion will provide a dialogue role of startups and how to bridge them with large corporates for realizing potential infrastructural and regulatory synergies.

Pitches & Round Tables

- Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is the launching pad for new growth and innovation. Powered by artificial intelligence, the next wave of solutions will gather unprecedented amounts of data from disparate systems and - by weaving systems, data, and people together - create solutions that fundamentally change the organization, as well as what it does and how it does it.

Discussion: How can leaders embrace automation to create a new digital world where they hold competitive advantage?

- Liquid Workforce

Companies are investing in the tools and technologies they need to keep pace with constant change in the digital era. But there is typically a critical factor that is falling behind: the workforce. Companies need more than the right technology; they need to harness that technology to enable the right people to do the right things in an adaptable, change-ready, and responsive liquid workforce.

Discussion: Business leaders are realizing a more liquid workforce can become their new competitive advantage

- Predictable Disruption

Every business now understands the transformational power of digital. What few, though, have grasped is quite how dramatic and ongoing the changes arising from new platform-based ecosystems will be. It’s not just business models that will be turned on their heads. As these ecosystems produce powerful, predictable disruption, whole industries and economic segments will be utterly redefined and reinvented.

Discussion: Ecosystem Economics: Leaders are crossing over traditional boundaries into new markets and new industries - driving new levels of growth, profitability and differentiation

- Platform Economy

The next wave of disruptive innovation will arise from the technology-enabled, platform-driven ecosystems now taking shape across industries. Having strategically harnessed technology to produce digital businesses, leaders are now creating the adaptable, scalable, and interconnected platform economy that underpins success in an ecosystem-based digital economy.

Discussion: Can a platform-based business model and engaging in ecosystems of digital partners bring critical success for their businesses?

- Digital Trust (pitch only; no round table)

Pervasive new technologies raise potent new digital risk issues.

Without trust, businesses cannot share and use the data that underpins their operations. That’s why the most advanced security systems today go well beyond establishing perimeter security and incorporate a powerful commitment to the highest ethical standards for data.

Discussion: Are high-tech businesses able to recognize new risks from digital transformations that are already propelling security investments?

Innovation Exchange Market

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